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Solo Care Aqua All-in-One Contact Solution cleans, rinses, disinfects and stores all soft contact lenses. With its unique contact lens moisturizing effect, your eyes will feel refreshed and look their brightest all day long.
Solo-Care Aqua, locks in moisture and prevents lens dehydration giving you comfortable, moist lenses all day long, even in the toughest environments. Features a moisturizing effect that promotes water retention and moisture, similar to other ophthalmic, beauty and cosmetic products. With a speedy, 10-second rub and 5-minute soak, Solo-Care Aqua users can rapidly and effectively care for their soft contact lenses.

SOLOCARE AQUA All-In-One Solution is a sterile isotonic aqueous solution containing polyhexanide 0.0001% (W/V) as the active ingredient.

• Always use fresh SOLOCARE AQUA® All-In-One Solution each time you disinfect. Never reuse the solution or add fresh solution to used solution.
• Only use SOLOCARE AQUA All-In-One Solution with your lens and lens case. Do not use tap water, bottled water or saliva.
• Always use SOLOCARE AQUA® All-In-One Solution with the MicroBlock lens case. Do not substitute with components from any other lens care system.
• If irritation develops with the use of this product, discontinue use and consult your eye care professional.
• Do not touch tip of the bottle to any surface since this may contaminate the solution. Always keep bottle tightly closed. Failure to follow your eye care professional's instructions and all product labeling directions may result in serious eye infections or loss of vision. Prompt diagnosis and treatment are essential; therefore if you experience any unusual symptoms or adverse reactions, listed below, immediately remove your lenses and contact your eye care professional. PRECAUTIONS
• Replace your MicroBlock lens case with every purchase of SOLOCARE AQUA® All-In-One Solution or as recommended by your eye care professional. Use SOLOCARE AQUA® All-In-One Solution before expiration date marked on the bottle.
• Keep out of reach of children.

To ensure proper disinfection of your lenses you must follow the instructions completely. Do not skip any steps.
(1) Wash and rinse your hands and dry with a clean, lint-free towel before handling your lenses.
(2) Apply at least 3 drops of SOLOCARE AQUA All-In-One Solution on each side of the lens and gently rub the lens for at least 10 seconds.
(3) Rinse both sides of the lens with SOLOCARE AQUA® All-In-One Solution for least 10 seconds.
(4) Place the lens in the empty MicroBlock lens case and fill to the line with fresh SOLOCARE AQUA® All-In-One Solution making sure to cover the lens. Repeat the above procedure with the second lens. Replace caps and screw closed.
(5) Allow your lenses to soak for at least 5 minutes to overnight. After soaking, lenses are ready to use. If needed, fresh SOLOCARE AQUA All-In-One Solution may be used to rinse the lens prior to insertion.
(6) Always empty your MicroBlock® lens case and discard used solution after each disinfection cycle. Then rinse your MicroBlock® lens case with fresh SOLOCARE AQUA® All-In-One Solution and recap STORAGE OF LENSES, SOLUTION AND LENS CASE Lenses may be stored in SOLOCARE AQUA® All-In-One Solution in the unopened lens case for up to 30 days after disinfection (soaking).
Every 30 days, discard the old solution from the lens case, use fresh solution and repeat the rub, rinse and soak procedures described above, before wearing your lenses again.

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