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The Health Depot acquired by Green Shield Holdings (click here)
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Resultz is a head lice treatment that contains the active ingredient isopropyl myristate, a common ingredient in many cosmetic products. Unlike other common head lice treatments, Resultz:
• does not contain commonly used pesticides
• is unlikely to cause resistance in lice
• is odorless and colourless
• only requires 10 minutes to complete treatment

Resultz® does not contain commonly used pesticides.

Active ingredient:
Isopropyl myristate (50%). Isopropyl myristate is widely used in skincare and cosmetic products.

Inactive ingredient:
ST-Cyclomethicone (50%)

Ten Minute Application Process
Follow these steps to treat head lice with Resultz®1:

•Start with dry hair
•Part hair in several sections as required
•Apply Resultz® evenly down each part
•Continue to apply Resultz® until each part is covered
•Apply Resultz® evenly to:
o nape of neck
o behind both ears
•Follow hairline to the back of the neck
•Massage into hair until all hair is thoroughly wet
•Leave Resultz® on hair for only 10 minutes
•After leaving Resultz® on for only 10 minutes,rinse with warm water
•Detangle hair with a fine-toothed comb
•Lice comb (included in package) can be used to remove dead lice
•Re-treat hair and scalp with the same procedure in 7 days to kill any lice newly hatched from eggs.

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