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The Health Depot acquired by Green Shield Holdings (click here)
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We designed CLEAR Away Wart Remover with DURAGEL technology specifically for people with common warts who want a discreet way of removing them.

• Clinically proven removal of common and plantar warts
• Clinically proven to remove common warts
• Maximum strength salicylic acid within the medicated discs helps remove warts
• Advanced DURAGEL technology provides thin, flexible, and discreet cushioning that holds the medicated disc in place
• Optimal for fingers & toes

Active ingredient Salicylic acid 40% (Wart remover)

Inactive ingredients: antioxidant (CAS 991-84-4), iron oxides, mineral oil, petroleum hydrocarbon resin, silicon dioxide, synthetic polyisoprene rubber, talc

If you have diabetes or poor blood circulation, consult your doctor or podiatrist before use.

Ensure the skin is clean, dry and free of creams and oils. Place the wart medicine on the sticky side of the disc directly over centre of the wart.
Remove backing film marked “Step 1” and place centre (adhesive side down) over the disc.

Remove backing film marked “Step 2” using the blue tab and firmly smooth down adhesive edge to skin.

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