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Lice & Nits Treatment

  • $3.49

    KidsMedic Plastic Lice Combs

    2 Combs

    KidsMedic Plastic Lice Combs: • Two styles • Removes head lice and their eggs • Patented designs

  • $35.99

    NYDA Head Lice Treatment

    1 Bottle

    NYDA has a UNIQUE dual action dimeticone 100 cSt6 allowing it to penetrate deeply into the tiniest parts of the lice, larvae and also the egg’s b...

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  • $13.99

    PharmaSystems Lice Comb Kit

    1 Kit

    Pharmasystems Lice Comb Kit contains a long pin lice comb with magnifier, tweezers and cleaning brush. • Works on all hair types and styles • Com...

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  • $4.99

    KidsMedic Metal Lice Comb

    1 Comb

    KidsMedic Metal Lice Comb with Stainless steel pins. •Works on all hair types. •Long pins for thick or thin hair. •Contoured handle to improve gr...

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  • $20.99

    Resultz Head Lice Treatment

    1 Bottle

    Resultz is a head lice treatment that contains the active ingredient isopropyl myristate, a common ingredient in many cosmetic products. Unlike o...

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  • $21.49

    NYDAcomb Metal Lice Comb

    1 Comb

    The NYDAcomb Metal Lice Comb is a specially designed ergonomic metal comb that removes head lice and dead nits from the scalp. It glides easily t...

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  • $26.99

    Zap Complete Head Lice Treatment

    60 mL

    ZAP is a complete head lice treatment. Each box of ZAP contains a spray-on lotion and a rigid fine-toothed comb, specially designed to remove lic...

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